Originally posted on VMWare Blogs by Dave Wolpert

It’s incredible to think how far technology has come in just 100 years. We often take our smartphones, medical procedures, and daily transportation for granted. What we don’t always remember is the inherent complexity and technological strides behind these innovations. Time and iterations have allowed us to streamline once revolutionary advancements into innocuous parts of our daily lives. However, it often takes a while to get there.  
Multi-cloud is currently in the complex part of this journey. Companies are struggling with divergent platforms, capabilities and costs. Using abstraction, VMware is speeding multi-clouds’ transformation into a streamlined, business-as-usual part of enterprise infrastructure. Watch Joel Neeb, vice president of execution and transformation, VMware, parallel aviation’s journey from infancy to complexity and back again to what we are currently seeing in the multi-cloud era.  

We’ve reached a tipping point in multi-cloud where the complexity needs to be simplified.

Joel Neeb, VP of Execution and Transformation, VMware

VMware Cross-Cloud™ Services uses abstraction to remove the complexity of multi-cloud architecture, enabling streamlined DevOps, cross-cloud insights, and secure employee access to the tools they need to work with agility. With control over multi-cloud, enterprises and their teams can focus on more important goals like speeding innovation and providing business value to their customers. With VMware Cross-Cloud services, like other technologies before it, multi-cloud complexity can become a thing of the past. 

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