“The story of Access Bank has been one of transformation from being at the bottom of the list of banks in Nigeria to being number one. There is no other bank in Sub-Saharan Africa that has the same number of active customers or who can say they have transformed operations so dramatically and successfully, all of which we achieved with technology and VMware.”

— Afolabi Ilesanmi, Head of Governance, Architecture and Planning, Access Bank

As one of over 100 banks in Nigeria, Access Bank decided that to raise its position from 65th in the country to first, it would need to start by transforming technology systems and creating a platform from which it can innovate and drive digital transformation. The bank started to rethink how it procures its systems, followed by a complete modernization of an aging technology stack. With VMware solutions such as VMware vCloud Suite, Carbon Black App Control, and VMware Horizon, Access Bank has taken a bold step toward achieving cloud-based services that deliver the speed and agility its teams craved.

Originally posted at http://www.vmware.com