Originally posted on http://www.vmware.com by Keith Nakasone

Multi-cloud solutions are empowering government agencies with greater choice, speed, and control. But multi-cloud needs to be a holistic operation, from IT to acquisitions. This blog is the first in a four-part series that will look at the people, processes, and technology needed for an agency to implement a successful multi-cloud strategy.

Improving outcomes for future acquisition solutions requires collaboration and communication between the private and public sector. Together, we can explore the art of the possible when implementing multi- and hybrid-cloud solutions with acceleration. The upfront engagement will improve understanding of the business needs and the acquisition of the right set of tools to achieve the desired outcome.

As the government communicates its requirements, industry partners should identify potential gaps, uncover opportunities, and potentially accelerate cloud adoption while considering commercial best practices.

How can we maximize collaboration between industry and government? 

  • Foster open communication during collaboration meetings with executives and team members.
  • Encourage open dialogue during the market research phase prior to a solicitation.
  • Increase private government interaction to explore ideas that are linked to potential solutions.

Deploying multi- and hybrid-cloud solutions will require open and frequent dialogue to increase the likelihood of success – a highly complex journey.

Follow me as we discuss the cloud journey, including the difference between hybrid and multi-cloud; interoperability and security; and cloud innovations.