Specialty retailer for building materials and garden center operator implements a modern workspace environment based on VMware Horizon.

We can now manage the devices centrally with a small team, so we don’t need to go looking for extra staff.”

By Christoph Stern, Team Leader IT Technology, Würth-Hochenburger

Originally published at VMware.com

Headquartered in the city of Innsbruck, Würth-Hochenburger GmbH has begun a new chapter in its IT story. By introducing a modern workspace environment based on VMware Horizon, the Austrian specialist for building materials and DIY stores is bidding farewell to its client/server infrastructure. Implementation will draw a line under heavy administrative and maintenance expenses, give Würth-Hochenburger system security and a solid basis for planning, and improve efficiency and productivity across approximately 600 IT workspaces at 40 sites. Thanks to this project, even the much-publicized shortage of specialists has lost a lot of its threat.

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