Originally published at VMware.com

“There is a tremendous and urgent need for containerization and multi-cloud architecture in Chunghwa Telecom’s business, technology, and management. We not only aspire to achieve internal digital transformation but also expect the solution to support external services and meet the needs of our clients. VMware has always been there for us at every stage in pursuit of our goals.”

Ming Chung, Chief Engineering Officer, Data Communications Business Group, Chunghwa Telecom

Chunghwa Telecom faced the challenge of its IT team having to both maintain the internal operations of the company and handle the external services. Thus, the team had to manage both the public cloud (hicloud) and the private cloud (“external cloud” for application services). The introduction of VMware Cloud Foundation with Tanzu fully leverages containerization and establishes a modern application architecture. Business operations can be performed directly across multiple clouds without time-consuming P2V conversion.

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