Originally posted on VMware Blogs by David Lawrence and Rod Gilbert

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are rapidly evolving their core networks to accelerate 5G deployments. But the path to a modern 5G network requires flexibility to simultaneously support existing network functions while upgrading and introducing new innovative services to market.

Mavenir and VMware have partnered to address this challenge. Recently certified through the VMware Ready for Telco Cloud program, Mavenir’s Converged Packet Core enables CSPs to deploy virtual network functions (VNFs) and cloud-native network functions (CNFs) throughout their existing packet core network without disruption as the core network evolves to 5G.

Mavenir and VMware Combined Solution

Mavenir’s Converged Packet Core solution delivers an end-to-end, fully containerized 5G core with combination nodes for 2G, 3G, and 4G support, giving you the flexibility to retain existing services and subscribers while putting your network on a cost-effective path to 5G. Mavenir’s Converged Packet Core can support non-3GPP access, and you can tailor the solution to fit your business needs.

VMware Telco Cloud Platform is powered by field-proven compute and networking coupled with VMware Telco Cloud Automation, which unites and optimizes multi-cloud resources to reduce operational complexity. The cloud-smart automation of VMware Telco Cloud Automation empowers you to rapidly launch services at scale. The combined solution ensures telco-grade resiliency and service availability, delivers web-scale speed and agility, and accelerates your ability to bring innovative services to market.

Mavenir’s Converged Packet Core 5G portfolio running on VMware is a solution that deploys cloud-native and containerized network functions without disruption, ensuring telco-grade resiliency, service availability, web-scale speed, agility, and cloud economics to accelerate innovation and go to market quicker.

  • Mavenir and VMware’s technical collaboration includes Mavenir’s Converged Packet Core 5G portfolio certification on the VMware Telco Cloud Platform, making the packet core VMware Ready. The benefit is that microservices-based containerized 5G network functions can use resources such as hybrid CaaS/PaaS infrastructure, telco-grade Kubernetes, and cloud-smart automation. VMware Telco Cloud Platform is now proven to deploy and host the packet core.

“Mavenir’s 5G core portfolio is certified on VMware’s Telco Cloud Platform. With our VMware-ready solution, we can help CSPs expedite the deployment of network functions and services. This will enable CSPs to innovate faster, simplify operations and employ cost effective infrastructure management. We look forward to continuous collaboration with VMware to enable deployment readiness for CSPs”

Ashok Khuntia, President Core Networks, Mavenir

Figure 1: Mavenir’s Converged Packet Core on VMware Telco Cloud Platform.

The certifications and solution verification reduce implementation risks, deployment times, and errors during customer rollouts. Together, Mavenir and VMware can help you implement validated solutions for your business needs.

“The VMware Ready for Telco Cloud program accelerates the onboarding and deployment of network functions, delivering time, money, and integration savings for CSPs.  Our certification of Mavenir’s Converged Packet Core demonstrates our proven commitment to CSPs’ success in 5G.  Mavenir’s packet core architecture simplifies network transformation and supports our combined goal to modernize CSP networks without disruption.”

Lakshmi Mandyam, Vice President of Product Management and Partner Ecosystems, Service Provider & Edge

Wrapping Up

Mavenir’s cloud-native Converged Packet Core running on VMware Telco Cloud Platform delivers a cost-effective solution to deploy cloud-native network functions and virtual network functions throughout your existing packet core network without disruption while your core network evolves to 5G. The architecture and multi-cloud environment of the combined solution lets you optimize the use of resources and meet your business objectives.

Mavenir and VMware continue to collaborate to validate the latest version of Mavenir’s Converged Packet Core on the latest version of VMware Telco Cloud Platform.

To learn more, download the Solution Brief.