How a Leading Restaurant Chain Started a Delivery Channel in 72 Hours

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“The LINE messaging tool has become the heart of the company. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to operate business today. We depend so much on this system, that’s why we need AIS and VMware to keep it very stable.”

Ruangshine Supanpong, COO, Food Passion

Food Passion, a leading food business operator in Asia, wanted to transform itself from a traditional family business into an innovative restaurant chain. To do so, it started migrating key functions to AIS Business Cloud, built on proven VMware technologies, including VMware NSX, vSphere, and VMware Cloud Director. This proved timely when the pandemic hit and the company had to change their dine-in business to food delivery. Within three days, Food Passion was able to turn the LINE messaging app into a comprehensive tool for taking orders and engaging customers – making it a true lifeline during the shutdown.


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