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Combining Access Control, Byod Freedom And Info Security With Vmware

The vigorous development of information technology and mobile applications has put multi-functional smartphones into the hands of every employee. BYOD enables convenient communication between employees, but camera functions on mobile devices also pose a security risk. Company secrets present on the production floor are crucial to operational competitiveness. It is imperative to ensure that such confidential information is not brought beyond company walls through unsecured devices.

•        AirWatch allowed the independent management of specific functions and supported a large number of devices. Mobile cameras could be controlled without affecting core functions.
•        Integrating AirWatch into mobile devices was easy, and did not infringe on speed or personal privacy.
•        Formosa Plastics Corporation was empowered to bring new technologies into full force for enhanced innovation and sustainable growth.

“We believe that cloud computing is the most important infrastructure for the enterprise in the future. VMware’s complete software-defined data center technology and strong execution will be key in the evolution towards Industry 4.0.”