Originally posted on http://www.vmware.com

“Apart from the value that we’re already bringing to our customers, we were able to rapidly develop our solution for them which would not have been done with an on-premises solution. We were able to achieve that because we could build out our pilot in AUCloud.”

Andrew Thomlinson-Munn, Solution Architect, Hummingbird Solutions.

Hummingbird Solutions specializes in tailored IT project management services. A number of its customers, particularly those in government agencies, require a sovereign cloud environment. To build out its pilot infrastructure, Hummingbird decided to partner with AUCloud, a VMware Sovereign Cloud Provider. The partnership enabled Hummingbird to develop and deliver new solutions for its client within weeks. The same solutions would have taken months to complete with on-premises infrastructure. This has helped Hummingbird to meet its project timelines, expand the contract with its customer, and double the company in size.