“The data we collect about individuals can save lives – or endanger lives if we fail to fulfil our obligation to store it safely.”

Charlotte Lindsey-Curtet, Director of Digital Transformation and Data at the ICRC

The International Committee of the Red Cross is active throughout the world to aid people in conflict areas. The ICRC’s mission is to reduce human suffering, protect lives and health and preserve human dignity, especially in armed conflicts and other crises. Driven by digital transformation, the ICRC is currently implementing its digital agenda. Because employees and volunteers around the world must be able to communicate quickly and easily with each other, they rely on a secure, global connection. If this is not the case, human lives can be at risk. With its technology solutions, VMware contributes significantly to securing the operations of the world’s largest humanitarian network while facilitating communication.

VMware page: https://www.vmware.com/company/customers/index/fullpage.html?path=/content/web-apps-redesign/customer-stories/2020/vmware-solution-transform-it-infrastructure-for-hospital

Jens Koegler

Jens Koegler is VMware's Healthcare Industry Director in EMEA. He is helping our healthcare customers develop and run modern applications to drive innovation and ensure better patient care through a digital foundation that includes data center, hybrid cloud, mobile, networking and security technologies. VMware plays a strategic role in the healthcare industry. Its leading innovations in enterprise software help ensure consistent patient care and reduce IT access time for healthcare professionals so they can spend more time with their patients. Jens plays a key role in helping customers understand how new applications, devices, the latest IT technologies and digital transformation are driving innovation in healthcare.