Originally posted on http://www.vmware.com by gregchait

In 2019, VMware launched its Government, Education, & Healthcare (GEH) Solutions & Innovations team.  This team’s charter is to build turnkey solutions which feature the best of VMware’s portfolio in tandem with key partnerships which solve customer’s hurdles and challenges.

Our research and sourcing of these solutions led us to a key challenge customer’s face in training, developing, and evolving their IT and Cybersecurity staff to defend and prepare against cyber-attack.  And in turn, these outcomes result in organization’s ability to enhance their cybersecurity posture and elevate cyber readiness, response, recovery, and resiliency strategies.

Last year the Solutions team officially launched its Digital Learning Platform’sTM VMware Cyber Range Solution.  The Solution features the partnership elements of content, applications, hardware/cloud, and services; and of course, includes several VMware capabilities areas such as platform automation, software-defined networking, and monitoring/analytics capabilities.

The turnkey solutions support ‘on and off premise’ scenarios and notably features our partnership with GRIMM’s Cyber Maturity Builder; purpose-built cybersecurity challenges which align to known industry standards and frameworks (e.g. OWASP, SANS, CMMC, etc.).   In addition to the CMB content, is the ability to design and build a series of use cases on the platform.  The Solutions and Innovations team is continually evolving and adding to the Cyber Range’s capabilities and use cases.

Enjoy this introductory video developed to introduce you to the VMware Cyber Range solution and please contact us at CyberRange@vmware.com for more information.