“An industry-centric approach is key to VMware’s growth and essential in driving our customer obsession. Understanding our customers’ challenges in the context of the industry is key to gaining their trust and building a strategic, long-term relationship.” ​

We must demonstrate how we have the right portfolio and expertise to accelerate manufacturers’ transformational journeys. For that we have developed this field guide to provide insights and material to leverage along the journey with your customer. 

Review the field guide, use it as your toolkit and reference book. It provides valuable guidance, relevant use cases and tools that will help seize unique sales opportunities.

If you aren’t part of the Global Manufacturing Community yet, please get in touch. There are plenty of manufacturing assets and discussions that you may be able to leverage.

Alexandra Baleta

Passionate about helping manufacturers grow and excel by advising on strategic and operational transformation opportunities, designing and implementing digital business models and factories of the future, while empowering the workforce through intelligent technologies.