Business continuity assured with a hyperconverged infrastructure

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“Today, technology is becoming more and more complex. But as an IT-manager of an SMB, I need to work with a limited team. We can no longer spend too much time on the day-to-day management of servers. So, we were looking for a user-friendly solution that is easy to manage. That’s why we choose VMware vSAN.”

Giovanni Govaerts, IT Manager, Modemakers

With 11 boutiques in Flanders (Belgium), Modemakers is a Belgian fashion retailer who focuses on a unique shopping experience with personalized advice in a homelike atmosphere. Using its own photography – rather than stock photographs offered by the clothing brands – to highlights this experience, the storage capacity became the bottleneck. The retailer invested in a new storage solution, VMware vSAN to simplify the management of the infrastructure, and to have the flexibility to easily make changes to support future business needs. It also prooves that a vSAN (Remote Office Branch Office license) is affordable even for small and medium business.


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