Like all large companies, AirFrance-KLM has a powerful software portfolio running its daily business. A couple of years back, the company identified over 2,000 of these applications that would benefit from being modernized. Putting together a strategy to do this over the coming years is, understandably, a large undertaking.

AirFrance-KLM had to choose which applications to modernize, but to do this they first needed to build a model to select applications and then actually do the migration. They also needed to select the platform and development methods to get started.

Tune into this webinar to hear how the team at AirFrance-KLM achieved savings, speed, and resiliency, and the lessons they learned along the way.

Michael Cote, Pivotal
Jean-Pierre Brajal, DevOps project lead at Air France-KLM
Fabien Lebrere, Architect & Application Modernisation Project Manager, Air France-KLM

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