Deployment times are reduced by 80% thanks to VMware Marketplace

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“The automation and simplification that VMware Marketplace has brought to configuration has allowed us to build our services around it and, as a result, to expand what we can offer our clients.”

Raffaello Poltronieri, Cloud Solutions Architect, Netalia

Netalia is an Italian public cloud provider that offers businesses and government entities the tools to safely process and store data. As an Italian company, Netalia guarantees the physical, regulatory, and legal residence of data within the country’s borders and can therefore offer, unlike international competitors, superior security for data protection, data ownership, and legal traceability. Through VMware Marketplace, Netalia offers clients an extensive and continuously updated catalog of services and cloud templates. Developers’ work is simplified and optimized because they can delegate the most routine activities to solutions found on the Marketplace, while virtual-machine deployment times are reduced by 80%.


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