“In order to be agile and respond to any changes in the environment, we will actively look to leverage the cloud for help. By doing this, we will create an optimized system platform that supports our business strategy, thereby contributing to the growth of our business. Deploying Azure VMware Solution enables us to use Azure services and accelerate the modernization of our applications.”

Kazushige Yamamoto, General Manager, Nippon Wealth Life System Management Department

Nippon Wealth Life Insurance Company (Nippon Wealth Life) specializes in over-the-counter sales at financial institutions and offers products and services centered on single-premium fixed annuities in foreign currencies, targeting mainly high-net-worth seniors. To prepare its IT environment to support continuous, stable development, Nippon Wealth Life launched a cloud migration project to improve its existing system and further the company’s business imperatives. As a stepping stone for its future migration to the cloud, Nippon Wealth Life chose Azure VMware Solution.

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