Joachim Murat, public sector industry director, EMEA civil government, VMware 

It’s an easy pastime to berate governments for their failures and mismanagement. History is littered with examples – all of which are party agnostic. By default it is less common to hear effusive praise when things are done well. Credit where credit is due is conspicuously absent when it comes to the public sector, with the notable recent exception of the vaccine roll-out (though that too, brought out the naysayers inevitably). Indeed, we’re quick to overlook the incredible projects happening everywhere from healthcare to highways and shopping to safety where government organizations are delivering some genuinely society shaping stuff. 

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Joachim Murat

Joachim Murat is VMware's Civilian Government Industry Director and with 20 years’ experience in government digitization. He was a member of two Minister cabinet staff in France and spent 7 years working in New Delhi with the Prime Minister Office of India to set up the India Nationwide Biometric Civil Registry (Aadhaar). He participated in programs of the digitization of social security, law enforcement agencies, securized identity, passport and visa issuance, and electoral systems in 11 different countries.