Originally published at VMware.com

“We know we’re catching things, we can see it, and we can monitor [what is happening] so [VMware Carbon Black Cloud Workload] gives us another layer of comfort and security that we never had before.”

Mike Chiavuzzi, Senior Manager of Network Operations, Polk County School District

Polk County School District (PCSD) is among the largest school districts in Florida, serving over 100K students. As more schools and businesses became targets of ransomware attacks, PCSD turned to VMware looking for a security tool to protect their data centers. As a current VMware vSphere user, the perfect solution was VMware Carbon Black Cloud Workload as the two products are tightly integrated. With just the click of a button the customer was able to turn on their new workload protection and gain heightened visibility across their servers. PCSD now has an extra layer of security to prevent any unwanted threats and a new confidence to make informed decisions on how to approach vulnerabilities.

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