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“At Sterling National Bank, our goal is to continuously improve our clients’ banking experience, and with VMware Cloud on AWS, and access to all AWS services, we know we can do just that.”

Brendan Welter, Chief Security and Technology Officer, Sterling National Bank

Sterling National Bank serves consumers and businesses nationwide. To keep up with rapid growth and continue to offer competitive, digital services to clients, it needed to shut down on-premises data centers that were costly to maintain and migrate to the cloud. The bank partnered with Deloitte to implement VMware Cloud on AWS, to fully embrace the public cloud. It is now able to get new products to clients faster, embrace exciting new technologies such as AI, and enhance back-office efficiency by up to 75 percent. This technology transformation from on-premises to cloud took place against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic but going from requirements gathering to migration was still completed in just 12 months.