Unlike renovating the entire secondary system of power substations, adding software defined functions save time and cost. Retrofitting the virtual Merging Unit running on a Substation Server offers an efficient future proof upgrade. Simply add a substation server, some sensors and the virtual Merging Unit application and get IEC61850 interoperability, advanced measurements, and a future proof platform for virtualized applications.

This webinar is dedicated to Substation Modernization, featuring Anthony Sivesind from VMware and Prithpal Khajuria from Intel.


  1. Vision of Software defined Substations of the Future / Future of Digital Substations, Prithpal Khajuria, Intel
  2. Standardized Substation Hardened Server Platform without Vendor lock-in, Jos Zenner, Welotec GmbH
  3. Value of Software defined – Virtualization and centralization, Anthony Sivesind, VMware

Register here for the live session Substation Modernization – Current to Future (29.08.2022) – Welotec

Or listen to the previously recorded event here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gQ6emcj0iE

Alexandra Baleta

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