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“Empowering staff and partners to work from anywhere with VMware saved the real estate industry during the pandemic and generated revenues of USD $60 billion. Now it’s making it easier for people to work with the government.”

Judith Pascale, County Clerk, Suffolk County Government

The Clerk’s Office in Suffolk County is the busiest in New York State, managing vast volumes of records and generating USD 700 million in annual revenue from real estate as a result of USD $60 billion in real estate transactions. To mitigate the risks of natural disasters impacting business continuity, the office launched a strategy to go digital by 2025, including establishing virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) on a secure network for 700 employees with VMware technology. When the pandemic hit without warning, the office switched to remote work in just hours. Capitalizing on its success, the county is scaling up the VDI to support 10,000 remote users across the state.