As an automotive manufacturer, you are the engine of everyday life – making a vital contribution to society’s wellbeing and evolution. But how will you continue to fulfil this role in a fast-changing and disrupted world?
Rapid technological advances are turning vehicles into moving supercomputers, with an ever-increasing number of features digitized and connected. This opens a vast number of opportunities for OEMs, suppliers and, most importantly, customers. To seize these opportunities, your operations must be future-ready.
Understanding and maximizing the potential of every customer touchpoint will be key to building loyalty and ensuring future growth. Customers, of course, are becoming ever more digitally-focused – millennials will make up over 45% of potential car-buyers by 2025.

To truly deliver for them, today and in the future, it is imperative to create a standardized and consolidated digital foundation for your business – one that supports advanced operations across your value chains, making manufacturing processes smarter and enhancing innovation. VMware and Intel provide auto manufacturers with that foundation: delivering consistent infrastructure and operations across data centers and clouds, accelerating application speed, and creating the agility needed for
innovation-centered growth.

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Alexandra Baleta

Passionate about helping manufacturers grow and excel by advising on strategic and operational transformation opportunities, designing and implementing digital business models and factories of the future, while empowering the workforce through intelligent technologies.