Originally published at VMware.com

NTUC LearningHub (LHUB) is the leading continuing education and training provider in Singapore. LHUB has more than 23 programs, and its goal is to provide courses that improve the employability of working people of all ages. LHUB has supported the Singapore government’s efforts to upskill the workforce in order to help with the evolving needs of employers and the impact of the pandemic. The organization sought the collaboration of best-in-class partners such as VMware to help job seekers to acquire industry-relevant skills that can boost their longterm employability.

“Given the technical and technological expertise of VMware for virtualized solutions, we were confident that our trainees would receive best-in-class training. Through upskilling, we are hoping to contribute to Singapore’s economy as it continues to accelerate digitally.”

Mr. Isa Nasser, Head of Information Technology, NTUC LearningHub

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