Using VMware technology for a bird’s eye view of the IT infrastructure

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“VMware solutions have enabled access and analysis of data to inform business decisions. It has improved efficiencies and given us a solid roadmap for scaling up in the future.”

Vishwas Chitale, CEO & CTO, Chitale Dairy

Chitale Dairy was looking to scale up, upgrade, and secure its IT infrastructure to provide more opportunities to its network. VMware and its partner implemented solutions that powered Chitale Dairy’s core operations, with a bird’s-eye view of the entire IT infrastructure. This has enabled Chitale Dairy to improve operations, achieve scalability, and minimize the risk of impact from unforeseen disruptions. The new IT infrastructure offers centralized management, high availability and interoperability among systems, and robust security. Chitale Dairy can now accelerate the integration of new cloud solutions based on VMware technology and deliver new, innovative services that benefit the company, its dairy farmers, and its customers.


VMware vCenter Server, NSX Data Center, vSAN, Site Recovery Manager, vSphere


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