The world of retail has changed dramatically over the past decade, and in ways far beyond a black-and-white shift from shopping in stores to shopping online. Today, e-commerce is table stakes, meaning companies distinguish themselves—among other avenues—via user experience, promotions, fast shipping, and omnichannel experiences that integrate digital and brick-and-mortar locations.

Originally published at VMware Tanzu.

In this episode of the Cloud & Culture podcast, Shaun Anderson of VMware Tanzu Labs—this time joined by colleague Brandon Blincoe—concludes his introduction to the Swift methodology by focusing on retail application modernization. The two share experiences working with large retail clients and, in addition to the topics highlighted in the quotes below, touch upon retail-specific concerns such as pricing, inventory management, and aligning technology systems after mergers or acquisitions.

You can listen to the whole episode here. Highlights from the podcast available to read here.