Originally posted on VMware Blogs by Dave Wolpert

Companies need timely, modernized software and applications to meet their customers’ and employees’ ever-changing demands. In order to do this effectively, they need motivated and productive developers—and in a job seeker’s market, they also need to keep their developers happy at all costs.

Cerner uses an abstraction layer to improve developer productivity by removing infrastructure issues—and frustrations—from the developer’s workload. Director of Engineering, Greg Meyer and Software Engineer, Bryan Kelly discuss how inserting a layer of abstraction above their cloud environments allows developers to focus on code and business outcomes.

Developers just want to get their jobs done; we want to bring the joy back.”

Bryan Kelly, software engineer, Cerner

In this video, Greg and Bryan share how using VMware Cross-Cloud™ services has enabled their teams to move faster. Migrations now take hours — not weeks or months. Developers can look at clouds as one platform with cross-cloud Kubernetes across all experiences, from AWS to Azure. And operators can streamline application delivery with reduced toil if something does go wrong. Cross-cloud solutions enable Cerner to concentrate on what’s most important: delivering value—at speed—to their important healthcare customers.  

Learn how VMware Cross-Cloud services can help your organization better serve your employees and customers.