VMware Cloud Foundation provides DTU with a single pane of glass for management and security

Originally published at VMware.com

The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) is home to Computerome, the Danish Supercomputer for Life Sciences. One of the world’s most powerful high-performance computers, the Computerome has 210 TB of memory, 15 PB of storage, more than 31,000 cores and a collection of more than 3,000 life science applications. To create a more powerful, flexible system, DTU engaged VMware Professional Services to engineer the HPC as a virtual private cloud hosting smaller clouds in a secure, segmented network. Computerome allows researchers to analyze huge volumes of data to help make medical treatments for cancer and other diseases more effective.

Watch the full video here.

“This was a new venture to combine two kinds of front edge technologies. We took a highly complex HPC cluster–one of the biggest in the world–and combined it with VMware private cloud technology. This had not been possible before.”

Peter Løngreen, director of Computerome at DTU.

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