Did you know that

  • more than half of UK Manufacturers (56%) have lost a lot of sales as a result of digital shortfalls, with
    96% experiencing this loss at least once?
  • 93% would go as far as to say that underinvestment will lead to many UK discrete manufacturers ceasing to exist in the next 10 years, should they fail to take action and invest in tech moving forward
  • Despite Brexit being an oft-used excuse, 73% think that legacy technologies have had more of a negative impact on
  • business than Brexit has (67%)

VMware’s technology portfolio helps manufacturers address brownfield environments, increasing automation, migrating legacy applications into a modern apps portfolio, turning their legacy infrastructure into a software-defined one so that they are becoming more flexible, scalable and resilient.

We take the risk out of transformations, considering operational risks in legacy environments and the reward of commercial benefits from new business models and offerings on the other side. Accelerating transitions opens up new opportunities!

Alexandra Baleta

Passionate about helping manufacturers grow and excel by advising on strategic and operational transformation opportunities, designing and implementing digital business models and factories of the future, while empowering the workforce through intelligent technologies.