Originally posted on VMware Blogs by Stephanie Owyoung

The RAN is facing a significant overhaul to allow communication service providers (CSPs) to stay competitive in markets advancing toward 5G. To fulfill the ultra low-latency, high bandwidth, machine to machine communications expected from 5G, the RAN network needs to be more agile.

The RAN transformation will change CSP networks from siloed and monolithic architectures delivered by a small number of vendors, to unified and flexible architectures delivering value from many vendors. These transformed networks will allow CSPs to improve efficiencies, create customizable services quickly and differentiate in ways they’ve never been able to in the past. This RAN transformation is a mystery for many who are unfamiliar with modern cloud-smart technologies.

That is why we created RAN Transformation for Dummies – a guide to help you understand and advance through the RAN transformation.

We invite you to download your copy to:

•          Understand the challenges of legacy RAN

•          Dive into strategies to solve legacy RAN challenges with a modern RAN

•          Learn more about tools that can unify the RAN with the network

•          Explore future use cases for a modern RAN

•          Review how to map the transformation journey

Created with input from over fifteen RAN, cloud and virtualization experts with years of transformation experience, the RAN Transformation for Dummies is chalk full of industry background, expert observations and lessons learned in the field.

After you read the book, not only will you better understand the past, present and future of the RAN, you’ll have the opportunity to dig into the performance of modern RAN architectures, review security implications of the transformation and even explore the role of governments around the world which have a vested interest in seeing a more open approach to the RAN. You will have a better understanding of the values, experience and capabilities you’ll need in your partner ecosystem to build successful RAN transformation strategies.  

Explore more about the RAN transformation on our website and download your copy of RAN Transformation for Dummies today.