Healthcare runs on data. Some say it’s the oil that keeps the engine running. Healthcare Payer organizations are the stewards of an abundance of this data and that volume is growing more and more each day. 

By Ed Deming

Originally published at VMware Blogs

Payers face many challenges when it comes to protecting and enabling data; they need the ability to continue to support and maintain traditional systems while building for tomorrow at market speed to meet their customer’s evolving needs. They must protect an abundance of highly complex distributed data that is growing faster than ever before, needs to be accessible, readable, meaningful, timely and most importantly, valid.  Executives need modern and flexible IT architecture to meet these needs.

What does flexible IT architecture look like?

Modern cloud infrastructure for operating and running enterprise applications supporting secure high available access to applications and data across private and public clouds.

Enterprise-grade state-of-the-art platform for building and deploying cloud-native applications and enterprise-ready services across private and public clouds

Modern multi-cloud management for monitoring and managing application visibility, performance and cost across cloud providers

End-to-end security for applications that span the entire multi-cloud operating model protecting data at rest, in transit, and in use by any application, on any device, at any location.

Modern End User Management to empower distributed workforces plus deploy and manage edge-native applications

Modern scalable data integration, data management and data analytics capabilities

Advantages for IT Executives

Secure access to information across a highly available redundant enterprise, enabling always on solutions and data access that support decision making by any user, at any location, on any device, leading to better care outcomes for members

Modern application development and support that provides trusted access to data across the enterprise and trusted sharing of data with external partners. 

Accelerate the development and deployment of new applications and API’s that connect disparate data sources to enable meaningful use and add value to plan members.

Drive automation to free resources and focus on business transformation, supporting the shift to new, more cost-effective operational models.  Provide visibility to cloud shadow IT to minimize data loss risk.

Healthcare IT executives that can provide a smart flexible IT architecture will be better positioned to handle the continuous transformation of their organization and growing data assets to deliver on the visions and missions of their organizations. 

How VMware Helps

VMware can help Payers continue to maintain their traditional solutions while they transform their organization with modern applications across multiple clouds.  Using our Cross-Cloud Services we have a state-of-the-art platform for building and deploying cloud-native apps.  Payers can leverage modern approaches to abstracting and sharing data to support modern application development and integration with core traditional systems.  Our Cloud infrastructure for operating and running enterprise apps will provide Payers the required storage elasticity as they understand and manage their accumulating data assets.  Our security and networking offering will span the entire multi-cloud operation, connecting and securing their applications and associated data.  

As Payers look to increase their investment in digital initiatives, look no further than VMware.

With our trusted foundation and cross-cloud services, we’ll accelerate your digital business and innovation. If you missed the first part of this series, you can find it here.