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In a series focused on THE Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability (JWCC), VMware explored questions surrounding adoption and how to overcome common challenges. In this blog post, we will recap key takeaways from the series.

The fastest route to AI/ML capabilities at the tactical edge

Operating at the Tactical Edge requires a modular architecture that minimizes space, weight, and power consumption on the battlefield. VMware supports the modern warfighter by addressing key tactical kit challenges while bringing several benefits including:

  • Size and weight reduction
  • Security at scale
  • Management
  • Connectivity Restrictions
  • Operations and auto-healing
  • Modernization
  • AI/ML-based processing

VMware Software-defined Datacenter (SDDC) is the next-generation infrastructure to run any application on any platform for any domain (Air, Cyber, Land, Maritime and Space) across any cloud. It provides a secure and efficient foundation that enables mission agility from the tactical edge to public and private clouds with consistent infrastructure, consistent operations, and consistent security.

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5 Factors to Drive Widespread Adoption of JWCC

One of the greatest challenges that large-scale cloud programs across the federal government and DOD have faced is driving adoption. Often, these clouds sit idle for months awaiting application transformation, re-platforming, and migration.

Next generation warfighting requires seamless connection to information domains that span tactical edge, base infrastructure, and multiple public clouds with a unified approach. VMware adds significant capabilities to accelerate the adoption of JWCC across the DoD by:

  • Accelerating JWCC Application Onboarding
  • Enabling Rapid Migration Between Clouds
  • Migrating and Maintaining Security Posture from Source to JWCC
  • A Fully Compatible VMware-based “Smart” Tactical Edge
  • Security from Cloud to Edge

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How JWCC Benefits from Multi-Cloud Adoption

During the shift from on-premises base infrastructure to public and private clouds, many individual DoD cloud offerings have developed. Each new iteration of cloud brings additional benefits and capabilities to address previous challenges.The continued addition of new public and private clouds for use in DoD brings many benefits, including:

  • Robust selection of best-in-class cloud services
  • New contract and procurement methods to aid in adoption
  • Increase price competition and avoid single-cloud lock-in
  • Improved resiliency and availability in remote operating locations
  • Competition-driven innovation of future warfighting capabilities

VMware’s cloud management platform, vRealize Suite, provides a consistent approach to each private or public cloud, through a common interface that leverages the current DoD workforce skills used daily.  VMware’s CMP extends across all major cloud providers and manages them just like DoD’s on-premises data centers.

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If you are a VMware partner, Cloud Service Provider, or DoD customer and would like to know more about how VMware can support JWCC and the tactical edge, contact us at dod@vmware.com.  VMware product specialists, architects, and engineers are available to meet with your team to have a deep dive technology discussion or whiteboarding session.  Similarly, VMware Pursuit and Capture team members are available to discuss teaming agreements or bid arrangements upon request.  We look forward to working with your team

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