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“VMware has been a trusted partner in our Cloud First initiative. With this deployment we not only have a highly scalable and flexible platform, but also have an IT setup that is extremely easy to manage. Apart from meeting the storage and performance requirement of the national site, we can now provide students and project staff for their experiments or research work on-the-fly, without any delays.”

Dr Deepak B Phatak, Professor Dept. of Computer Sc. and Engg, IIT Bombay, Mumbai

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay, Mumbai is a public technology and science university and research institution. The institute has several HPC clusters. The institute sought to optimize the utilisation of compute resources by leveraging the best of breed hypervisor that will ensure high availability. With VMware solutions, the institute can now isolate environments for development, testing and production. These now operate together on the same underlying physical infrastructure. They now have faster resource provisioning and improved overall resource utilization.