Originally posted on VMware Blogs by Jim Barden

Multi-cloud is more important to enterprises than ever before. While the importance of a multi-cloud solution is obvious, there is still some confusion and apprehension about where to begin the multi-cloud journey.

Vittorio Viarengo, VMware VP of Cross-Cloud Solutions, sat down with Maribel Lopez of Lopez Research to discuss the latest developments in the rapidly changing world of multi-cloud.

Maribel Lopez discusses multi-cloud with Vittorio Viarengo

Tune in to hear Maribel and Vittorio discuss topics including:

  • VMware’s perspective on abstracting the complexity out of multi-cloud estates
  • Finding the right balance between cloud specialization and simplification
  • Customer perspectives from the floor of VMware Explore 2022
  • Transitioning from cloud chaos to a cloud-smart solution
  • Use cases based on differing development, management and security needs

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