“We are seeing a rapid shift from Cloud toward Edge as manufacturers turn toward the largest, most promising
opportunities to innovate, automate, become smarter and grow in the most sustainable manner: investments
into Edge Compute capabilities include smart manufacturing initiatives, Industrial IoT, AI/ML in process and service automation, digital twin capabilities and connected products which are growing at double digit rates.”

VMware is uniquely positioned with its Edge Compute Stack and complementary technology portfolio to help
manufacturers accelerate their initiatives at the Edge, increase real time capabilities, innovate and manage
applications and devices at the manufacturing Edge to drive new revenue opportunities and increase traceability and
transparency across the value chain to achieve ESG targets.

The Edge Guide is aimed at helping the field learn about Edge use cases in and around manufacturing and the operational language that would need to be leveraged to drive conversations at LOB and senior executive level. 

Click here to access the Edge Guide 

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Alexandra Baleta

Passionate about helping manufacturers grow and excel by advising on strategic and operational transformation opportunities, designing and implementing digital business models and factories of the future, while empowering the workforce through intelligent technologies.