Originally posted on VMware Blogs by Dave Wolpert

Multi-cloud is now the norm. Recent VMware research found that 87 percent of enterprises use two or more public clouds.1 While multi-cloud can offer significant business benefits, it also comes with complexity.

To explore this, Vittorio Viarengo, VMware VP of Cross-Cloud Solutions, spoke with Patrick Moorhead, CEO and Chief Analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy at The Six Five Summit in June 2022.

In this conversation, Vittorio and Patrick cover:

  • The evolution and explosive growth of multi-cloud environments
  • The new customer challenges multi-cloud creates, and how VMware product strategy has evolved to address these challenges with Cross-Cloud services
  • The pivotal role applications now play in business success
  • Examples of customer success with VMware Cross-Cloud services
  • Cloud economics and dispelling the myth that VMware is too expensive

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