Ocuco provides better service to opticians and increases customer satisfaction by implementing VMware Cloud Director

Opticians have traditionally been accustomed to storing their data on local servers in their stores. However, this resulted in inefficiency and sub-optimal security. To ensure that independent opticians in the Netherlands can better help their customers quickly, Ocuco opted for a cloud solution, VMware Cloud Director With the cloud service delivery platform from VMware, Ocuco can optimally set up cloud environments and offer its software via the cloud. Customer data is available to opticians at any time and place. The cloud environment is also scalable and ensures efficiency, speed and security. This allows Ocuco to provide a better service to opticians, increasing the customer satisfaction of opticians and their customers.

Originally published at VMware.com

“Thanks to VMware Cloud Director, hosted from Interconnect data centers, we can facilitate opticians even better, so that they can better serve their customers and offer much more business online.”

Hans Zoon, Managing Director Benelux, Ocuco

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