Originally published at Gartner.com written by Jeffrey Hewitt

There is a growing need for infrastructure and operations leaders to include a business perspective in their decisions. Business unit leaders want to know what business problems they can solve with technology choices.

Edge computing is just beginning to come into focus for I&O leaders.  The question arises as to what business problems can be solved with an edge computing solution.  The good news is that there are examples in a number of edge computing use cases that offer specific business-based solutions.  One example comes from system automation (see below):

In conjunction with my analyst colleagues, Tom Bittman and Bob Gill, we have published an infographic that offers more of these examples in edge computing use cases on which there is a current high level of focus.  This document is entitled, Infographic: Identify the Business Challenges That I&O Can Solve With Edge Computing (login details required). By examining these use cases and how they solve business challenges, I&O leaders can have a foundation as to how they can communicate the business value of their own edge computing choices.