Originally posted on VMware Blogs by Graham Johnson

VMware Explore is in full swing this week. In case you missed it, I want to share some of the major themes and conversations happening onsite.  

So far, we’ve heard at length where the IT world is headed in terms of multi-cloud, modern applications and hybrid work. But how should IT leaders help their teams grow to meet the challenges of this new era? Where should they prioritize training and upskilling, and what’s the best way to roll-out a new technical process to their team? 

In our Explore session on upskilling, Dimitris Karabinis from DXC Technology discussed these very challenges and compared best practices and approaches to improving existing team skillsets.  

In the Research and Insights Brief below, we share a summarized version of the Explore session. Learn more about how unique team needs from around the organization are pushing new specialties in multi-cloud and which skillsets are shaping the next generation of IT. 

The Top Five Skillsets Prioritized for I&O Teams in 2022: 

  1. CI/CD for operations  
  2. Backup, recovery and resilience of protected data across platforms  
  3. Managed cloud database services and optimized administration  
  4. Application performance monitoring  
  5. Cloud cost management and optimization