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Utilities, oil and gas industry customers are accelerating their digital transformation journey with a purpose-built platform from VMware that includes VMware Edge Compute Stack, VMware Cloud Foundation, and NERC CIP-compliant VMware Validated Designs.

Utilities, oil and gas industry focused sessions at VMware Explore

We are excited to bring to you tailored sessions to engage with us during VMware Explore US 2022. Be sure to add these to your content catalog:

  • Energy Roundtable [INDB3030US] VMware is hosting our 7th annual Energy Customer-to-Customer session. VMware will set the stage for topics and moderate customer to customer discussion on technical solutions to real-world problems you face in the Energy space. This event is for Electric Utilities and the Oil and Gas Industry.
    • Monday, Aug 29 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM PDT
  • Orchestrating the Chaos: Enabling Order in Today’s Power Grids [CEIB2318US] With a more intelligent, automated power grid that incorporates edge compute, physical installations can become highly standardized and create an environment that promotes grid enhancement through innovation.
    • Tuesday, Aug 30 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM PDT
  • Open Process Automation for Industrial Controls [VIB1233US] The Advanced Compute Platform (ACP) uses standard technology and protocols to create an open platform for industry controls and process control networks and hosting advanced plant functions to run basic and supervisory control functions from multiple vendors.
    • Tuesday, Aug 30 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PDT
  • VMware xLabs: Accelerating Innovation with Our Customers and Partners [VIB1541US] VMware’s xLabs focuses on delivering ahead-of-roadmap innovation and cultivating cutting-edge technologies in collaboration with our employees, partners, and customers. At this year’s VMware Explore, we will unveil intriguing new projects and technologies – you don’t want to miss these announcements! Join this session to learn how customers and partners co-innovate with us, and how you can leverage our new technologies in your data center.
    • Tuesday, Aug 30 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM PDT

Know before you go

These are the three main session categories:

  • Professional Development Sessions: Advance your career, hit those professional development goals and get ready to be inspired.
  • Technical Breakout Sessions: These are not for beginners. You will see demos. Check out our level 200 and level 300 technical sessions to get under the hood and learn from the experts.
  • Meet the Expert Sessions: Attend these sessions to get the answers to your most hard-hitting questions from VMware Technical Experts.

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Jens Koegler

Jens Koegler is VMware's Healthcare Industry Director in EMEA. He is helping our healthcare customers develop and run modern applications to drive innovation and ensure better patient care through a digital foundation that includes data center, hybrid cloud, mobile, networking and security technologies. VMware plays a strategic role in the healthcare industry. Its leading innovations in enterprise software help ensure consistent patient care and reduce IT access time for healthcare professionals so they can spend more time with their patients. Jens plays a key role in helping customers understand how new applications, devices, the latest IT technologies and digital transformation are driving innovation in healthcare.