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The applications that run your organization, drive growth, and create transformative new market opportunities are increasingly distributed – so much so that 83% of enterprises have workloads deployed across a combination of the datacenter, public cloud, a colocation provider, and the edge1.

We’ve arrived at the distributed state of multi-cloud by necessity, with unique services, regulatory requirements, and the pursuit of resiliency demanding new cloud environments.

It’s times like this that the addition of technology becomes increasingly complex, stretching the capabilities of teams to manage, operate, and even understand the full scope of what they’re running.

What if the noise in this situation – the various differences in APIs, interfaces, methods of configuration and more in each cloud environment – weren’t so different, and instead were standardized so your teams can focus on the applications that drive business value, and ultimately transformation?

The unique services, regulatory compliance, and resiliency benefits of each cloud are still there – because those are what really drive value, not the noise.

In this edition of the Multi-Cloud Briefing, we discuss how to remove the noise, abstracting the complexity of multi-cloud to propel this source of business transformation.

You’ll hear from VMware business leaders Joel Neeb, Amanda Blevins, Purnima Padmanabhan, and Vittorio Viarengo with demos by Francisco Hernandez, Matt Bradford, and Boskey Savla, and special guests Ben Tanner of S&P Global, JP Morgenthal and Rick Sullivan of DXC Technology, and Stephen Elliot of IDC.

What is the VMware Multi-Cloud Briefing?

The VMware Multi-Cloud Briefing is a global, online event focused on enabling organizations to accelerate multi-cloud strategies in the face of rapidly evolving business requirements. Each quarter, we feature new speakers, topics, solutions, and customers, all dedicated to informing, engaging, and enabling the cloud community to succeed in a multi-cloud world.

What can I expect from the Multi-Cloud Briefing in April 2022?

The VMware Multi-Cloud Briefing in April focuses on abstracting the complexity of multi-cloud with multi-cloud services that help enterprise organizations achieve business transformation. You’ll hear:

  • An introduction on the parallel between multi-cloud complexity and the complexity of aviation control from the perspective of a former F-15 pilot.
  • Perspective from technology leaders on how they’ve navigated this complexity, and applied standardization at strategic layers to drive transformative progress.
  • Demos of the VMware Cross-Cloud services that deliver several forms of multi-cloud standardization.
  • Industry perspective from an IDC Analyst and VMware GM.

Do I need to sign up? What are the next steps?

There’s no need to sign up – the Multi-Cloud Briefing series is an open opportunity to hear from VMware technologists, industry leaders, and your peers, so you can take the knowledge most relevant to your organization and shape the future of your growth in the cloud.

You can find this briefing, and the entire series on our YouTube channel and the Multi-Cloud Briefing Playlist. Subscribe to our channel to catch the next briefing and more from VMware experts and customers.

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