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In early October, VMware hosted our annual VMworld event, bringing together industry leaders from around the world to meet and share expertise. This year, several sessions were tailored for government leaders and focused on government-specific topics around multi-cloud, cybersecurity, and more. If you missed the event live, you can catch up on the on-demand sessions, or take a glance at the three top takeaways for government here:

  1. Mono-cloud is the past. Multi-cloud is the future.

In the opening keynote address, VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram shared that 75% of businesses are using more than one public cloud. The industry has made a clear shift from a “mono-cloud” approach to a “multi-cloud approach.” Previously, core enterprise apps existed in a single (typically private) cloud. Now, we are moving to cloud-native apps (and even edge-native apps) hosted in multiple public clouds. This is a good thing for government agencies, who get the freedom to choose the best cloud for each app, security level, or data set.

The key here is building a multi-cloud environment that allows interoperability and avoids complexity.

Watch the opening session here.

  1. DevSecOps and Zero Trust are mission-essential.

For militaries and agencies, Zero Trust is a priority. But the nature of missions adds significant complexity. The expansive maneuver space out to the edge – ships, amphibious vehicles – creates a larger space to secure, and Zero Trust threat detection needs to be directed to specific resources. Not only that, but the data from the edge needs to be aggregated and deployed rapidly – putting DevSecOps in a pivotal role in ensuring warfighters meet their missions.

To learn more, catch up on this short, engaging conversation between Renata Spinks, Assistant Director/Deputy CIO and Senior Information Security Officer at United States Marine Corps; Olivier Ondet, Vice President, Strategy at Thales; and Ranil Dassanayaka, Vice President, Architecture Solutions and Engineering, VMware Federal.

View the 25-minute session here.

  1. For the most agility, you need a multi-cloud management system.

Government agencies have many choices in public cloud service providers, such as AWS, Azure, Google, and Oracle – all of which VMware supports through our multi-cloud solutions for government. (And VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud has just reached FedRAMP Authority to Operate at the High Impact Level.)

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Ideally, to avoid vendor lock-in and leverage the best of what each cloud service provider can offer, you’d want to use several public clouds. But to avoid managing a complex environment of disconnected clouds, you need an integrated system – which is where VMware comes in and provides streamlined “Day 2 operations” for your multi-cloud environment.

Watch VMware’s Keith Nakasone and Patrick O’Brien discuss public sector multi-cloud strategy in this short VMworld conversation.

For a full list of on-demand content from VMworld 2021, visit the VMworld website.

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