Originally posted on VMware Blogs by Yadin Porter de León

In our latest Multi-Cloud Briefing, we shared the benefits of VMware’s Tanzu Application Platform with a peek into its interfaces and workflows.

Benefits of VMware Tazu Application Platform (TAP):

  • Clearly defines developers and operators to optimize roles.
  • Alleviates developer toil. Get from source code to production with fewer roadblocks with out-of-the-box accelerators that allow developers to code without worrying about underlying infrastructure.
  • Provides a smooth path to production that moves from testing and deployment while minimizing input from operators and developers.

By using VMware Tanzu, organizations remove multi-cloud complexity and allow their teams to focus on driving business value through timely, market-driven application development.

Learn more about VMware Tanzu Application Platform, a service within the VMware Cross-Cloud services portfolio.