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Today, developing applications with cloud-native technologies is the de-facto standard for most organizations. 95% of new applications are built using containers1, and most of those applications run on some version of Kubernetes. Coupled with that, the services available from hyperscale cloud providers like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform and others give a massive head start to creating new business opportunities and responding faster to customer needs.

The challenge is, as developers use the best services of every hyperscale cloud, and operators run multiple versions of Kubernetes across different clouds, we now face a new form of complexity.

Developers have unique interfaces and APIs for each cloud, which adds toil and additional time to release code to production.

Operators have fragmented infrastructure, complicating management, monitoring, and security.

This complexity slows down your organization’s ability to get its best ideas into the world through software – the key to driving progress in the digital world.

So, is this version of multi-cloud really what we want? Of course not.

Developers don’t even want to think about the infrastructure they deploy to, so they can focus on code that delivers business value.

Operators want consistency, so they can manage, monitor, and secure their cloud infrastructure across any provider.

In this edition of the VMware Multi-Cloud Briefing, we deliver a new cross-cloud reality – enabling your organization to get ideas into the world faster through software developed in the cloud without the barriers of complexity you face today.

Vittorio Viarengo, VP of Cross-Cloud Solutions at VMware hosts Kit Colbert, CTO, and Amanda Blevins, Chief Technologist – as well as engineering leads from Cerner, our partner Snowflake, and special guest Dr. Michio Kaku.

What is the VMware Multi-Cloud Briefing?

The VMware Multi-Cloud Briefing is a global, online event focused on enabling organizations to accelerate multi-cloud strategies in the face of rapidly evolving business requirements. Each quarter, we feature new speakers, topics, solutions, and customers, all dedicated to informing, engaging, and enabling the cloud community to succeed in a multi-cloud world.

What can I expect from the Multi-Cloud Briefing in January 2022?

The VMware Multi-Cloud Briefing in January 2022 focused on how organizations can get their ideas into the world faster by removing the complexity of multi-cloud with abstractions that provide cross-cloud consistency for app development and operations.

  • A special guest introduction on the neuroscience of idea generation by Dr. Michio Kaku.
  • Expert perspective on removing the complexity of multi-cloud with cross-cloud abstractions by VMware Chief Technologist Amanda Blevins, including multiple product demos.
  • A conversation with Cerner on their journey to cross-cloud application development.
  • A conversation with Snowflake on their approach to cross-cloud data management and analytics.

You can find this briefing, and the entire series on our YouTube channel and the Multi-Cloud Briefing Playlist. Subscribe to our channel to catch the next briefing and more from VMware experts and customers.

Additional resources for you

If you’re looking for more information on VMware Cross-Cloud Services, including our the services in our Tanzu portfolio, check out the following resources:

1 https://go.451research.com/2019-mi-kubernetes-cloud-native-mainstream.html